Laminating at Slow Ride Media: The Armor your prints deserve!
Banner printingPrints capture moments, messages, and memories. At Slow Ride Media, we ensure they last. With our wide format laminating services, your prints aren't just preserved; they're fortified.

Laminating involves encasing your prints between a layer of plastic film. This not only provides a glossy (or matte) finish but also safeguards against UV rays, moisture, and physical damage.

The WHY of Laminating:

Outdoor Posters: Outdoor Posters: Sun, rain, or wind, your posters remain vibrant and intact..

Billboards: Lamination ensures large-scale ads remain impactful, come rain or shine..

Vehicle wraps & Graphics: Protects against scratches, UV rays, and the rigors of the road.

Quick Turnaround:

We understand the urgency of your needs. That's why most of our work is completed within the same week, if not sooner.

What You Should Know When Laminating:

Material matters: Different laminates offer varied levels of protection. UV laminates shield against sun damage, making them ideal for outdoor prints.

Texture choices: Glossy to matte, choose a finish to complement your design.

Maintennance: Laminated prints are easier to clean with a gentle wipe.

Durability: Lamination significantly extends the life of your prints, ensuring longevity and sustained vibrancy.

Storage: Roll your banner with the printed side facing out to prevent creases. Store in a dry place.

At Slow Ride Media, laminating isn't an afterthought; it's an art. We believe that every print tells a story, and our job is to ensure it's told for years to come. Whether it's an ad that covers a building or a graphic for your car, give it the protection it deserves. Dive into the world of lamination with us, and let your prints shine, longer!.

We gave the folks at Slow Ride our basic design ideas and what we were trying to accomplish with an upcoming event.  They designed a mock-up and it was mind-blowing.  The printed version was above and beyond what we expected.  They are our go-to shop for anything design and creative marketing!
Mark T.
Laminating service


Lamination can make prints more resistant to chemicals and solvents. The largest laminated print ever made was big enough to cover an entire football field!